venerdì 10 febbraio 2012

Due piccoli dipinti a olio / Two small oil paintings

Venduto / Sold
Olio su tela /Oil on canvas 24 x 30 cm

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  1. Beautiful Jane, love the colors. Specially from your second one these pastel colors, fabulous.
    Lovely greet

  2. Cara Jane,vasi e contenitori ti vengono a meraviglia,bellissimi colori.Le rose sono gestuali,piene di energìa
    e immerse in una luce che è molto estiva!Anche io sento il fascino del turchese!Ciao.

  3. Bellissimo punto di vista, hai usato colori splendidi e il risultato è poetico e surreale! Bellissimi! Ciao, Barbara

  4. I love the flowers! Very beautiful!

  5. Kære Jane.
    Du skal male flere blomster, de er fantastiske :-)
    Nyd din weekend.
    Kh Lone

  6. Lovely brush marks in the flowers Jane. I do like both your paintings.

  7. smukt...... endnu engang flot stykke arbejde :)
    snart go' weekend

  8. Mi piacciono queste tonalità primaverili. Ciao Graziano

  9. What lovely roses and bottles and OIl PAINTINGS! The colors
    are wonderful, very vibrant, and I can see you know your way around this medium that is currently giving me a painful refresher course. --I want to know one thing: are those paintings dry? Okay, two things: Did you use turpentine as the mixing agent or the odorless fluid?

  10. Un mix di caldi colori per il primo dipinto che sprigiona un raffinato contrasto con colori delicati e linee armoniose del definite del secondo olio. complimenti Jane!

  11. Both wonderful paintings Jane! I love the loose brushwork in the flowers and the colours are bright and sunny!

  12. The flowers are just beautiful! And the colors in the second one are so lovely pastel soft. And also so not like your usual intense colors. Apparently the new medium makes you explore and you seem to be having real fun. Way to go, girl! Hugs

  13. Splendid colors, Jane! On both of them.
    What a little color can do to boost up our spirit.
    Have a great weekend, Bisous

  14. Marja, I'm glad you like the colors, not exactly my usual bold ones :-)

    Guarda Rita, questo colore turchese è venuto fuori quasi casualmente mischiando i vari colori, ma mi è piaciuto subito tanto ! Grazie per la tua bella 'interpretazione. Abbraccio

    Shubhankar thanks for commenting and welcome!

    Grazie mille Barbara, le tue parole mi fanno sempre molto piacere. Abbraccio

    Thank you Judy!!

    Hvor er det paent sagt Lone, jeg har faktisk blomster malerier, som staar i ko for at blivet 'postet', saa de kommer. Knus J.

    Thank you very much Ann! xx

    Hej Tim. Jeg takker for din som altid smukke kommentar. Knus og god weekend !

    Ciao Graziano, mi fa molto piacere che ti piace. Abbraccio

    Hi Linda. Thanks for your positive feedback! The flowers were dry when I photographed them, but the still life was wet in some places, because I put a last few touches this morning. I don't use turpentine as a mixing agent , I use linen oil to mix the colors..but I use odorless turpentine to clean the brushes. And I tell you, I have really problems with the smell too, am going to buy a mask because I feel breathing problems. Watercolor doesn't hold all these nuisances...:-) Wish you a fine weekend!

    Simo grazie infinite per queste belle parole. Abbraccio

    Azra your comments are always so lovely and positive. Thanks!

    Blaga, impossible to hide things from you! The still life was painted in class, and I was told to paint what I saw, and the colors of the objects were really bland, so I came home with a colorless ( to my taste ) painting, I darkened them somewhat at home, but didn't want to completely change the painting, so this is why they are different from my usual color choices. The roses were done at home , and no holding back with the colors here :-) Hugs!

  15. What beautiful, interesting colors Jane. Looking forward to more!

  16. Oh Jane, I knew you would do wonderful with the oils. Beautiful flowers and vases. I have the hardest time with flowers I think I just have mental block about them You do not. xoxoox

  17. I love how you work the oil, give it a texture similar to pastel colors. Saludos

  18. Olá querida!
    Obrigada por seu lindo comentario!!!!É uma honra um elogio vindo de uma artista fabulosa como você!!!

  19. Love the expressive brushstrokes in the flowers, nice fresh color in both paintings.
    Great job.

  20. Hola Jane, la acuarela me gusta por la combinación de colores y la textura que se aprecia en las flores, y el óleo tiene una combinación de colores cálidos que resaltan los objetos. Felicidades.

  21. Beautiful oils--the second one reminds me of Morandi.

  22. This is really pretty you do such great work.

  23. Hi Helen, a little color in this freezing period is a must :-)

    Giselle always so ...kind thanks a lot!

    Dear Annette. Flowers and vases are among my favorite subjects..I never noticed you didn't do flowers. Will go and check it out :-) xoxo

    La Abela, I never tried pastels, but I did buy some, so in the near future I will try them out:-)

    Cacau sei troppo generosa, grazie mille per i tuoi complimenti. Bacione

    Pat thank you very much for you kind comment and for your visit!

    S,Orò grazie per il tuo gentile commento.

    Hallie ...Morandi would turn in his grave...:-)) xx

    Christiane, always a pleasure to see you, thanks for visiting.

  24. Your images are fantastic, I liked the colors. You are really good!

  25. J'aime surtout la première, Jane: ces fleurs sont bien impressionnistes, et la peinture me semble pleine de lumière grâce à l'emploi bien mesuré des couleurs complémentaires.
    Gros bisous

  26. The colors are amazing.. havent tried this combination before.. just lovely Jane!

  27. I don't know much about oil painting, but what I see in this two paintings, they are simply colorful and beautiful. Which do you love more, watercolors or oil?

  28. the colours of the rose painting are striking jane .

  29. Unos buenos oleos Jane sobre todo el jarron con flores tiene mucha fuerza, me gusta. Un saludo

  30. I love the vivid and bold colors you use -- I wish I would have as much courage when I paint! I often paint color too literally...

  31. Jane, if you didn't know, you can buy odourless oil paints that are water mixable. Winsor and Newton makes good paint and you don't have to use turpentine with it if you don't want to. They work great. Love your paintings, so cheerful and bright!

  32. Thank you very much Art !

    Margarita, les fleurs sont surement plus proche de ce que j'aime...les couleurs forts! Bises

    Padmaja, the turquoise color I have uses was my first time too, but I will surely use it again.

    Cora, watercolor was my first love, and I think it still is, but I am very attracted to oil colors too. I think they somehow enhance each other.

    Thank you very much Jane.

    Ciao Manuel e grazie mille per il tuo commento.

    Arena, I think the colors you use are wonderful and bold :-)

    Thanks a lot Celeste.

    Darrell, very kind of you indeed. Thanks for your advice.

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