venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

la Tempesta ( The Storm )


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  1. You captured so well the tubulence of the waves!

  2. Che meraviglia!! Il mare è fantastico,il senso di movimento dell'intero dipinto è perfetto,un grande lavoro!
    Complimenti Jane,bravissima!
    Ciao,buona giornata!

  3. Ciao Jane, bellissima questa tua versione dell'ultimo soggetto che abbiamo fatto da Gorlini. Notevoli gli spruzzi del mare e mi piace molto il colore della vela. Un abbraccio.

  4. The combination,Jane and Angelo ,returns...
    Style and power!!

  5. I really like this painting, very powerful! It has been interesting lately seeing the interpretations of a similar scene by Tito, Elvi and you. Each very strong, but in a different style and with its own character.

  6. Jane--Wow--What a piece. Wild. Wm

  7. Meraviglioso lavoro Jane, interpretazione perfetta di questa forza della natura.

  8. Wonderful water movement...Love it!

  9. superb jane ... gorlini must be an inspiring teacher have enjoyed seeing tito's and elvis posts

  10. So powerful! Waves are such a challenge. Workshops are great source of knowledge, I know and want to join. But too busy these days. But I'll be back)).

  11. Bellissimo. il mare, il movimento.. e grazie al maestro Gorlini, anche se non lo conosco personalmente

  12. Dear Jane,
    Wild and rough, but gooood!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  13. Not your usual watercolor, Jane - it's wonderfully wild and interesting. Love the crazy waves and water and how muted that is (although active) against the reds in the boats.

  14. Bellissimo Jane. Quegli spruzzi d'acqua sono veramente fantastici. Elvi

  15. I agree--this is a powerful painting. I love the lines and the darkness of it.

  16. Powerful and wonderful! Love the action you have created; I can almost hear and feel those waves crashing.

  17. Kathryn ( Studio at the Farm) and Skizo thank you so much for your encouragement.
    Franz grazie mille per il tuo bel commento ed il tuo entusiasmo. Un abbraccio.
    Cara Susana, grazie. Un abbraccio.
    Grazie caro Tito. Un bacione
    Yes Willy, Angelo is a fabulous teacher, thank you so much for your nice comment. Hugs
    Dear Blaga. Tito, Elvi and I are all have a weekly lesson with the same teacher, therefore you sometimes see the same subject in different versions. I normally prefer to post things done by myself to avoid this, but in this case I liked the result quite a lot, so i decided to" go public" even if there would be a few "replica". Thank you very much for your comment. Hugs.
    William your" wow" says it all, thanks a lot.
    Caro Nil. grazie mille per il tuo gentilissimo commento. Un abbraccio
    Dear Karen and jane. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, and Jane, yes Gorlini is an incredibly inspiring teacher.
    True Irina, waves are very challenging, therefore I love them. I noticed you have been absent for a while, was glad to see you back again with the wonderful portrait. Take care
    Caro Davide , grazie per il tuo bel commento. Un abbraccio
    Hi dear Sadami thank you very much for coming back. Appreciate your comments. Hugs
    Rhonda I always try to expand my knowledge and know how, waves are my last passion, and I am doing them at home over and over again to try and get them right, a real challenge. Thanks for your ever wonderful comment. Hugs
    Grazie Elvi, come scritto a Rhonda (vedi sopra) il mare è la mia ultima passione, trovo che sia una fantastico esercizio. Un abbraccio
    Hallie thanks and a big hug.Ciao
    L. Young thank you for for passing by and for your lovely comment.

  18. Kristin and Sharon thank you very much for commenting and WELCOME to my blog.

  19. This is a wonderful piece with so much action! I can feel, taste, and smell those crashing waves.

  20. this is a great painting of turmoil. i never paint these kind of scenes. i like seeing it.

  21. Carol I looove to paint the sea it is such a challenge, thank you for commenting.
    Liana I think we all have our "specialties" , and we paint them over and over again trying to ever improve.. Thanks for passing.


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