mercoledì 23 marzo 2011


Acquerello 25 x 36

Ultimamente sto cercando di mettere un po in ordine nei miei lavori  degli anni passati, alcuni vengono buttati senza pietà, ed altri vengono messi nella pila dei  " si può migliorare ", e questo acquerello fa arte dell'ultimo gruppo. Dipinto l'anno scorso, andava un po ritoccato , dato un po di contrasto,  ora non mi dispiace...voi che dite?

Lately I have been trying to put some order in my older paintings, some are thrown out without mercy, and some are put in the pile of the "could be better"...this watercolor is part of the last group. It was painted last year, and it needed a few  more strokes and some contrast, and now  I think it is ok...what do YOU think?

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  1. j'aime la palette utilisée et le style "libre" un petit quelque chose dans la bouche me gene mais l'ensemble est harmonieux

  2. Jane non è diverso per me, il ricorso è vedere che dopo un po 'possiamo capire ciò che manca nel lavoro.
    Mi piace, è un mix perfettamente riuscito di luce e colore.

  3. Jane! She appears to be leaning her head back against the wall, with her eyes closed.
    This is a jesture of getting it together. I think you have communicated a complex moment in an interesting piece of art! Wow!

  4. Pues opino lo mismo que tú Jane, que merece la pena ser librada de la papelera. Como bien dices, ese contraste que has dado al perfil del rostro en contraposición con el fondo y el propio húmedo sobre húmedo del fondo, la convierten en una obra muy bella.
    Un abrazo.

  5. I think that since 2010 your brush became more free and confident with color. I think - please do not throw out the failed pieces, they are part of the story of your growth and memory of the day and situation when they were painted. I think - is it Fanny Ardant?
    And I think it is really good watercolor portrait.

  6. Belle récupération, belle lumière.
    Les vieilles peintures permettent de tenter, d'oser les choses sans apréhension. Donc oui, gardons les, soit pour constater notre progression, soit pour des essais.

  7. Beautiful job - I think I'd put a touch of the "face color" in the neck and a touch on the arm or shoulder, too. But wouldn't do anything else.

  8. I think she perfectly matches the title.

  9. Very nice! She does have a contemplative look!

  10. El contraste entre el fondo y la figura da carácter a esta acuarela. Buen trabajo.
    Un saludo.

  11. un dipinto molto forte perchè ci induce a riflettere profondamente, complimenti

  12. Isabelle je te remercie beaucoup pour ta commentaire et pour ta critique constructive.
    Grazie Nil, sempre gentilissimo.Un abbraccio
    Bill that's exactly what I wanted to express, thank you so much!!
    Jose Luis sono contenta che la pensi come me, inutile tener cose che non meritano di essere viste. Ciao un abbraccio
    Irina you are a very good observer, it does look a little like Fanny Ardant but it is not. It is true that all our paintings are part of our story, and I keep most of them, but some are really too bad , and they must go. A big hug
    Exactement Lydie! Merci pour ta commentaire.
    Rhonda , Hallie and Linda , thank you all so much. Hugs
    Ciao Ana grazie mille per il tuo bel commento. Abbraccio
    Gabe ti adoro. Ciaoo

  13. I never threw the really bad ones away, I practised my colour mixing on the back of the paper, so it was never wasted :)
    I like this painting, it has great feeling to it.
    I also think you have a great blog! xx

  14. Jane,pursuit near-perfection is your good right!
    For me, it's super perfect .
    Complimenti,ciaoo Willy

  15. Une grande songeuse... perdue dans une belle harmonie de couleurs... Bisous

  16. The gal in the painting has great expression. She is feeling either relieved,overwhelmed,exhausted( thank god the final guest left now i can sleep look)

  17. Pat thanks a lot for your flattering comment.
    Willy we try...we try ..! Thank you for your ever so wonderful comment.
    Martine toujours si gentille , merci beaucoup.
    Cathy you really made me laugh, but yes...she does look relieved! Hugs


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