mercoledì 27 aprile 2011

Going Wild ( Impazzendo)

Il titolo non si riferisce tanto al mio stato di salute mentale quanto alla gioia di fare un dipinto in totale libertà, senza schemi o modelli...Il mio primo astratto, ma sicuramente non l'ultimo!

The title doesn't refer to my mental state of mind , but to the joy of making a painting in absolute freedom and without first abstract, but for sure not the last!

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  1. Ciao, la gioia con cui descrivi la tua prima esperienza 'astratta' è contagiosa. Liberarsi nei colori è davvero un percorso possibile e 'forse' necessario. Ce lo dirà il tuo cammino!

  2. Wow! Somebody had a really good time. Such freedom. And look at how 3D it looks! I like your thinking/reasoning in this--and your restraint. You've sort of centralized the components like a giant space object or a mandala, and had the good discipline to stop before it was spoiled. My eye wants to keep traveling around in it. It's a fun place to be. Interesting way to work wasn't it?

  3. Such energy and power in this one! I see birds breaking free from the middle :) but that's probably just my mindset. Yes, do more of these :)

  4. I can see the energy in this painting! VERY nice!! Do more!

  5. Dare I say I am not a fan of abstract art? However , the "freedom" in your application is apparent.

  6. Gorgeous and powerfully emotive! Well done. That takes courage to let go like that. :)

  7. Joli jeu de couleur avec des touches très energiques, belle liberté d'expression

  8. Grazie Tito!!!

    Irina , I think you are right! I like to try different technics, and abstracts was one , that I hadn't I have, and I like it!

    Ciao bluoso, sono contenta di quello che dici, liberarsi nei colori è fantastico!

    Very interesting way to work Bill, and very difficult to stop, it is so much fun that you easily go over the top... thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

    Ciao Manel grazie!

    Rhonda you really made me laugh, you see birds everywhere..but really glad you like it. Hugs

    Geraldo Roberto grazie mille per il tuo commento. Un abrazo

    Thanks a lot Linda, I will do much more!

    Katryn, I love your sincerity, of course you may say you 're not a fan, I think you are in good company, but I really appreciate you commenting
    A big hug

    Thanks a lot Crystal....takes a lot of color , too:-)

    Lydie , je suis contente que tu apprécie. Bise

  9. Un combat avec la couleur où vous avez gagné le premier ring! bisous

  10. Jane, che è il primo di molti!
    Hai una magnifica fusione e trasparenza, i colori trasmettono energia, ha un movimento emozionante.

  11. I'll bet you were listening to some great music. There is rhythm.

  12. This is your first?! I love it! I've been doing abstracts off and on for several years and not once has one turned out as well as this, your first. You done good! You should do it again!!!

  13. I like it. Abstract the only thing mad about it is how madly happy and free you feel when you do paint. Don't you just feel it is full of all of your creative impluses... love it!

  14. Magnífico!color, transparencia....y sobre todo audacia.
    un abrazo

  15. Ti sei buttata e hai fatto bene. Brava. Elvi

  16. Brave and liberating, I really like it!

  17. Martine , un combat trés agréable. Bise

    Nil , i tuoi complimenti mi fanno molto piacere. Un abbraccio

    Hallie, exactly!!

    PAMO , I have tried a several times thinking that abstracts were very easy to do , but the only thing easy about it is to make a big mess , this one is the first decent one.

    Cathy, you have a ball making something like this...hoping that something good comes out of it.

    Pat thank you .

    Ciao Susana grazie del tuo gentile commento. Abrazo

    Elvi apprezzo molto il tuo commento. Ciao - un abbraccio

    Jane and Blaga thanks a lot.

  18. Ti ho scovata dal profilo di Tito! :)
    E questo è una meraviglia!

  19. Wonderful! I've been scrolling through your last several posts; they are inspiring.

  20. This artwork, reminds me an oldie from the Troggs
    Powerful and strong!!

  21. Ciao Chiara, sono contenta di essere stata scovata, benvenuta!

    Tim thanks a lot, really appreciate your comment.

    Thank you Brand new Studio!

    Jean I'm glad if you feel inspired!

    Willy, maybe theTrolls? anyway I remember that song " Wild thing, you make my heart sing..." Hugs

  22. Jane, I love this! I have done a few abstracts, but they don't come naturally to me. So happy that you can really enjoy the process and finish with a dynamic painting.

  23. This is beautiful! Perfect relationship between your washes and crisp strokes. It looks like pure joy! Congratulations and good luck with your exhibit!

  24. Dear Jane,
    Your work always inspires me. Your vitality, liberation, energy, high spirit are magnificent.
    ...I want to "make a leap without a look" in painting.
    Thanks! Your work encourages me so much!!
    Cheers, Sadami

    Dear Jane,
    Il tuo lavoro mi ispira sempre. La tua vitalità, la liberazione, l'energia, lo spirito alto sono magnifiche.
    ... voglio "fare un salto, senza uno sguardo " in pittura.
    Grazie! Il tuo lavoro mi incoraggia così tanto!
    Cheers, Sadami


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