martedì 24 marzo 2020


Olio su cartone telato / Oil on canvassed cardboard 30 x 40 cm

14 commenti:

  1. Una faccia molto sorridente. Mi piace davvero

  2. Hope is on my mind too - be safe Jane and take care.

  3. Yes sweet friend keeping you in my heart and hoping that all will be well soon. Hugs!

  4. Knap geschilderd Jane, hopelijk mogen we allen gezond blijven !
    Groetjes van Simonne

  5. Telle que la couleur et transparence de ses yeux, telle que la lumière tiède qui l'allume, la protège et l'entoure; peut-être que c'est ainsi l'espoir.

    Je t'embrasse 💓🤗

  6. Hi Jane! How are you? I have not visited in a long time. I am mostly on Facebook now and spend more time reading. I just visited your blog which I find fascinating. You have develôped a new style very colorful. Wishing you health for you and yours, take care.🌈😊👋

  7. Hello there Helen . So nice to hear from you and know that you are well , thank you for your visit and stay safe ! Hugs

  8. Hi sweet lady, hope you are well and safe and a giant hug to you. we are doing good and just staying in like a couple of hermits. guess we have been learning how to do this all these years. Hugs and yea for painting, keeps us out of trouble oxoxoox

  9. ciao Jane, che bel ritratto! Spero tu stia bene un caro saluto

  10. This painting is beautiful, Jane, and I love your use of color in her face!

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  12. Excelente retrato, un color vivo y edificante. Felicitaciones.


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