mercoledì 1 aprile 2020


There is definitely life out there and so good to see that nature is still the same although the world has been turned upside down . We must just take one day at a time and enjoy the small wonders that open before our eyes , until we can begin to take part of it again. I really hope that you are all well , please take care. xoxo

Olio su tela / Oil on canvas 65 x 90 cm

When giving the last touch of lacquer it takes place outdoors .







15 commenti:

  1. Your stunning paintings and beautiful garden provide the perfect start for this new month, Jane! Trusting that you are taking good care of yourself and are healthy:)

  2. Take care Jane - your painting for me could represent the light at the end of the tunnel - it is lovely to see your pretty courtyard garden.

  3. Questa è Jane, c'è vita, siamo in primavera, atipici ma privati e questo ci ricorda che la vita nasce e si rigenera, gli alberi e le piante spuntano, gli uccelli ci deliziano con le loro migliori canzoni, ci sono senza dubbio ragioni di speranza.
    Speriamo che questa crisi passerà e possiamo goderci di nuovo.
    Abbi cura di te.

  4. Such a beautiful piece, Jane. The World has certainly turned upside down but I'm praying that we all see that light of hope soon. I love seeing all the beautiful blooms...I'm starting to see this here in New York but so sad to see the emptiness in the streets. I will be going out in my backyard tomorrow and enjoy that fresh air and maybe some new blooms.....take care my friend...

  5. dejlige billeder :) :) - du har virkelig grønne fingre :) :)

  6. La planète prend le contrôle sur nous et nous oblige à nous arrêter de cette folie de vie que nous avions; mais aussi nous offre l'occasion de nous découvrir, de nous regarder et de rencontrer la paix intérieure. On n'est, comme dans ton beau tableau, qu'un de ces traits, nécessaire pour l'ensemble mais à la fois, vues de manière individuelle, pas indispensable. Profitons alors des petits miracles de chaque jour qui sont devant nous, même en ce petit univers du moment et restons chez soi, tous soignant de tous.

    Je t'embrasse ma chère Jane 💓🔐🤗


  7. Bonjour chère amie,
    Heureuse de te retrouver !
    Juste un petit coucou afin de savoir si tout va bien pour toi et les tiens... Prends bien soin de toi !

    🌿🌸Mille bisous🌸🌿

  8. Disfrutar de esas pequeñas cosas, que no son tan pequeñas. Son las que nos hacen feliz el día a dia. Nos damos cuenta de ellos. Algo habremos aprendido en este encierro.
    La mejor obra, sin duda es la de la naturaleza. Bello lo que nos ofreces.

  9. What a wonderful and uplifting series of photo's, Jane!
    And your painting is so lively, full of spring colours.
    Stay safe, my friend!

  10. Jane I had such a lovely visit today. Your garden photos were such a bright spot in my afternoon. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful array of looks like your garden is farther along than mine...tulips are in bud but they are not blooming yet. Did I tell you that I adore your painting too. It made me think of snow melting in the mountains and underneath were beautiful warm colors saying spring is here. I pray you are safe as well. Please take care and thank you for always coming to visit me so faithfully. Hugs!

  11. Your work is so unique, Jane - I am always surprised and delighted to see what you have been painting. I love this new work with its depth of vision and vibrating colors shimmering through. Brilliant! Stay well and healthy.

  12. Mooie foto's Jane !Geniet van je tuin !
    Blijf vooral gezond , groetjes van Simonne

  13. The top two photos look like a city to me.

    The purple tulip is fantastic!

    Sweet turtle. 😊 A pet or wild?

  14. Hi Sandi, it's my pet, 11 years of age :-))

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