sabato 15 gennaio 2011

I Sandali

Acquerello 27 x 47,5
" These shoes are made for walking".......

11 commenti:

  1. A fun painting - I could see this on a wall of a shoe store :)

  2. I learn so much from looking at your paintings. You have a talent for making every brush stroke important, and the places where you purposely did NOT place a brushstroke are just as important!The light and shadow suggestions are incredible! I hope I'm making sense. It's wonderful, creative work! I love it!

  3. Great composition. Your brushstrokes bring life to something so simple.

  4. Ecco i sandali!! Davvero un bell'acquerello! Sono d'accordo con Katherine, hai un vero talento nell'uso del pennello e del colore! Ciaooo!!

  5. Great values with such a limited palette, Jane. The composition is really engaging.

  6. love this...just found your blog....lovely work!

  7. Bello. Al prossimo recupero. Elvi

  8. Rhonda: Thank you , quite an idea!!
    Katherine: You make perfectly sense. Thank you SO much for your flattering words. Big hug.
    Karen: Thank you very much.
    Tito: Sempre generoso. Un abbraccio.
    Mollie: Thank you very much.
    Cynthia: Thank you very much.
    Olivia: Exactly!! Ciao
    Elvi: Grazie Elvi. Ciao

  9. Muy acertada la composición. Me gusta este trabajo.
    Un abrazo.


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