mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

Tramonti / Sunsets

Questi due dipinti sono stati eseguiti in qualche momento del 2011 , e siccome sono simili ma diversi ( come tanti miei lavori :-)  ) li faccio vedere insieme.

These two paintings were done sometime during 2011, and being similar but different ( like a lot of my works :-)  ) I prefer  showing them together.

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  1. Jane, both of these paintings are very serene, and beautiful. They show very well together...

  2. Lovely work Jane...all the best to you for 2012....make it a great year!!

  3. Your orange and browns positively glow! What brand of watercolor paint and paper do you prefer?

  4. These paintings have a nice graphic quality to them. Very appealing!

  5. Maravilloso momentos (ambos),inmortalizados en tus acuarelas,Jane! Dan mucha calidez con su colorido.

    Abrazos grandes desde Chile!.

  6. La Luna che sembra posarsi sul ramo...attenta anche nei dettagli... è così con i Tuoi acquerelli..
    grazie Jane..

  7. the moon seems to nestle in the tree, but striking nonetheless. Love the hint of orange in that one and the full blown glowing colours in the next. Fabulous! xx

  8. Jane what a serene scene. Beautiful both. Specially love the first one. The collors of the air and the shining over te water. Brilliant.
    Lovely greet

  9. Sono sempre incantevoli alla vista, i tuoi deliziosi acquarelli!

  10. Both are serene and lovely! I never thought that such a bright orange sky can look so natural. You know how to make the most of colors!

  11. Il secondo m'incanta di più! Quell'arancio è così piacevole da guardare...ciao, Arianna!

  12. and they look wonderful together!very serene and calming even with the vibrancy of the color, what a trick :)

  13. Hello Jane,
    thanks for your best wishes. i wish you too a beautiful creative and healthy year. Helene

  14. molto belli, io amo tutti e due : )

  15. Both are beautiful, the same serene atmosphere. The orange sky is fabulous!

  16. Fantastic colors and landscape.

  17. Estos atardeceres dan reposo al espíritu, algo que no viene nada mal en estos momentos querida Jane.
    Un abrazo y mis mejores deseos para este recién estrenado año.

  18. Me gusta particularmente la calidez, casi flameante de la segunda, Jane.

  19. Jan I'm glad you think so! xx

    Thanks Cynnie...same to you!

    Trudy I use Winsor and Newton from tubes, I find them better than solid watercolors as I use quite a lot of color . And the paper I use is most of the time Fabriano 50 % Coton , but the all time favorite is Arches.

    Thank you very much Tim...never thought about that !

    Grazie per il tuo come sempre generoso commento Maritza. Un abbraccio grande!

    dandelion grazie per il tuo gentilissimo commento. Abbraccio

    Pat I'm pleased you like it, wasn't too sure about the moon like nestling on the branch, but then again I thought it was ok. xx

    Marja thank you so much for commenting!

    Arianna e Arianna, grazie mille . Bacioni

    Thank you Blaga. The second one was copied from a photograph in my sons geographic book, and it is a norwegian sunset, I just loved it immediately ! xox

    Mary what a nice thing to say. Thank you!

    Thank you Helene!

    Sadeu sei gentilissima. Grazie!

    Judy and Cora thank you both. I'm glad the orange sky is appreciated. As I said to Blaga, it is a Norwegian sunset.

    Cara Florestebanez, hai proprio ragione, la serenità serve, eccome! Buon Anno anche a te!

  20. These paintings do go really well together. Nice palette.
    Happy Painting.

  21. They make a beautiful set on any wall Jane..the beauty lies in their simplicity!

  22. In questi tramonti la luce richiama all'interiorità nella speranza di un domani più sereno: BUON ANNO di cuore Jane!!!

  23. Hola Jane, Veo que vives en Italia ese precioso país al que estamos planeando hacer una visita próximamente, solo esperábamos disponer de bastante tiempo porque a Italia, hay que echarle de comer aparte, hay demasiadas cosas bellas que visitar y aprovechar para hacer muchos bocetos y puestas de sol como las tuyas.
    Gracias por tu visita y comentario.

  24. Que desastre de comentario con esto del traductor que no domino mucho.
    Otro beso

  25. Hello sweet lady across the waters. Oh the paintings of sunsets are beautiful, the colors are so warm and inviting. Hugs Annette xo

  26. Ωραία ζωγραφική!
    Με χρώματα ζωντανά σαν απ' τον ήλιο..
    Μια καλησπέρα από Ελλάδα!

  27. Muy bellos los dos transmiten calma, serenidad. Un abrazo.

  28. Hej Jane. Dues aquarel.les que transmeten molta pau i calma.
    Et desitjo un molt bon any 2012 (Jeg ønsker dig et rigtig godt nyt år!). Una abraçada. Anna

  29. Such beauty, Jane; just perfect placement and color. You never seem to miss.

  30. Sono sempre molto suggestivi i tramonti, mi piace la profondità che hai saputo dare con l'altenarsi dei colori caldi e freddi.

  31. Beautiful and simple. Excellent landscapes.

  32. Happy New Year Jane, I love the paintings. I could definitely see myself vacationing sitting next to the sun.

  33. I love both of these beautiful sunsets, Jane. The second one caught my eye with that amazing orange sky, and how the light reflects in the water!!!! all of your watercolors.

  34. Um trabalho belissimo

  35. flot... og især den første kan jeg rigtig godt lide :)

  36. Ciao Margarita grazie per il tuo commento. Abbraccio

    Thank you both very much Nora and Padmaja . Good idea to hang them together on a wall Padmaja!

    Speriamo davvero in un po di serenità Miriam! Buon Anno anche a te!

    Hola Florestebanez, Italia è un gran paese, tantissime cose da vedere ovunque. Sai già dove vorrete andare ?

    Annette my dear friend, I am glad you like them. Big hugs back. xoxo

    Greek, russian?? I am sorry, but I don't understand this language and my translater does not want to translate it either. Thanks for passing by, really wish I could understand.

    Grazie Tina mi fa molto piacere.

    Anna, mi hai fatto rimanere con la bocca aperta!! Grazie mille per questa sorpresa e Buon Anno anche a te!!

    Thats very kind of you to say Hallie, thank you!

    Grazie Gabriella, i tramonti sono sempre affascinanti...più difficile dipingerli :-)

    Edgeworth thank you very much for passing.

    Christiane Happy New year to you too! I have tried to comment on your blog, but I am sorry I don't know how to get there with this new google system you are using. Sorry about that. xox

    Hilda your comments are always very generous. Thank you so much! xx

    Milton grazie mille. Abbraccio!

    Hej Tim, tak skal du have. Haaber ikke , I er ved at blaese helt vaek i Danmark :-) Knus

    Zazou, très genereuse, je te remercie beaucoup! Bises


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