domenica 17 aprile 2011

Mostra di Belgioioso ( The Exhibition in Belgioioso )

Sabato 16 aprile  ho partecipato alla mostra di acquerello  che L'AIA ( Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti)  insieme al comune di Belgioioso ha organizzato nella suggestiva vicinanza del  Castello di Belgioioso   (Pavia ). Giornata bellissima e soleggiata con grande afflusso di pubblico. Il sindaco di Belgioioso ha  aperto la mostra con il taglio del nastro.
Mi scuso per la prima foto che  ho caricato in modo  sbagliato, e non sono riuscita a metterlo in modo  giusto!  ( Guardare chinando la testa :-).

Saturday  16th of april I took part  in the watercolor exhibition organized by The Italian Watercolor Association  together with  the Municipal of Belgioioso  near the very suggestive Castle of Belgioioso ( Pavia ). Beautiful and sunny day with a lot of affluence of people. The Mayor of Belgioioso  opened the exhibition by cutting the ribbon.
Please bear with me for the first photo that I posted in the wrong way, not able to put it straight!
( Look at it with your head tilted :-) )

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  1. Beau reportage Jane, j'ai tourné l'ordinateur pas ma tête ;)
    Toutes mes félicitations.

  2. Congratulations on the show, Jane! How impressive that the mayor cut the ribbon before anyone could enter the opening!! That shows that wateroclor art is important there.

  3. Sono sicura che hai ottenuto un bel successo...:)
    Baci Ornella

  4. Bello il lavoro che hai portato, ottima scelta. Ciao Jane!

  5. Congratulations! It looks like a fun and very well attended event.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

  6. Hi Jane, the first photo gotta laugh I thought what language is that ? It never occured to me that it was sideways. Looks like the showing went well, that is always a plus at these. Glad you liked my recipe we love potaotes also. Hugs

  7. Congratulations! Wish you more exhibitions in more cities and countries to follow!

  8. I tilted. What a great photo of you and what an impresive place for an exhibit. I like the no-frills way of hanging the works.

  9. Jane, io sono sempre molto felice di vedere le loro esposizioni, in realtà il mio gusto era quello di vedere di persona.
    Complimenti per il bellissimo lavoro in esposizione e dare un abbraccio con molta gioia.

  10. Grazie mille Noemi.

    Bravo Lydie il faut bien s'arranger :-) Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire. Bise

    Rhonda , watercolor is surely moving up in importance here, but still oil painting is king!!

    Grazie Ornella, spero di sì! Bacione

    Tito sono contenta che approvi . Grande abbraccio

    Hi Joan , the show was very well attended, I met a lot of new people / artists which is always nice.

    Annette I can just picture you sitting there trying to make out the writing.....that makes ME laugh! If you have some more of these yummy low calorie recipes, I am sure we are a lot who will welcome them. Big hug

    Irina, that would indeed be nice...maybe in Moscow :-)

    Thanks Pat

    Hallie thank you so much. I also like the simplicity.

    Certo che sarebbe stato bello se c'eri Nil, magari un altra volta. Grazie per il tuo bel commento . Un grande abbraccio

  11. Congratulations on the show Jane! Sounds like a fun event! Your watercolor is great!

  12. it looks like it was a wonderful exhibition, and very well attended.

  13. Bill and Katryn thank you both.

  14. Congratulations Jane. It looks like a great success. Your painting are so beautiful all the time. Some day I will go back to Milan and for sure will stop by to meet you and see your amazing work in person.

  15. Congratulations Jane. It looks like a successful exhibit. Your artwork is so beautiful!

    I have the same problem sometimes, when the image will not post in the right position. I do not think it is how you post, but something to do with taking a vertical photo and trying to put it in a horizontal slot on the blog.

    Italy is my favorite country to visit...hope I can get to Milan someday.

  16. Christiane and Carol thank you so much for your lovely comments.... I would LOVE to welcome you in Italy .

  17. Dear Jane,
    From Sydney I'm sending you my best wishes with super power, pipipipi...!?!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Cheers, Sadami

    Dear Jane,
    Da Sydney, ti mando i miei migliori auguri di super potere, pipipipi ...!?!
    Avere un giorno meraviglioso!
    Cheers, Sadami


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