mercoledì 28 settembre 2011

'Like a Bird on a Wire' ......or almost ( o quasi )

Acquerello 30 x 46
The inspiration of this painting came from a Danish  garden blogger called Landbohaven . She is always showing  a lot of beautiful photos from her lovely  garden.

L'ispirazione per questo acquerello è venuto da una blogger danese che si chiama Landbohaven . Mostra sempre tante belle foto del suo bellissimo giardino.

20 commenti:

  1. bellissimo uccellino seduto ad aspettare la sua compagna....che semplicità meravigliosa! bello

  2. Beautiful painting! The bird looks wonderful against the blue background!

  3. Mi colpisce la corposità di questo acquarello, l'intensità della tinta, e come malgrado tutto è leggero! Ciao, Arianna

  4. Bellissimo e come dice Arianna....corposo sembra quasi un olio!!
    Ottimo lavoro Jane,buona serata!!

  5. The same birds come to sing and frolic in my garden in spring. Beautiful, Jane.

  6. Great painting with the colors and of course the drawing. You are on a roll my friend. I love the sound of birds, well except if one gets it days and nights mixed up and chirps and make noices at 3 am. LOL We have mocking birds and they copooy every bird sound there is. xo

  7. Your birds are as happy as your flowers. Uplifiting.

  8. Jane this is really a great painting. Aren't birds amazing animals. Love it love it.

  9. The back ground looks like oil paint,, how do you manage to do that with water color.. amazing! The cute bird is very pretty. always a great subject to paint Jane!

  10. Bella interpretazione Simo Ciaoo

    Judy and Kathryn thanks a lot

    Bel commenti Arianna e Franz , grazie mille. Ciaoo

    I have them in the garden during winter time, and I love them! Thanks for commenting Lydie.

    Ciao Gabriella, grazie per il tuo gentilissimo commento .

    Hi Annette, how funny with the mocking birds! I love birds and their singing....makes me love life!

    Thanks a lot Celest.

    What a nice thing to say Hallie. Big hug

    Hi Christiane. I agree , birds are wonderful creatures, always loved birdwatching.

    I didn't realize when painting this that it could be perceived as an oil painting, but probably the mix of colors did the trick. Thanks a lot for commenting Padmaja. xx

  11. una acuarela muy bonita la anterior de frascos y botellas te quedò muy colorista,me gustan no es nada fàcil pintar en acuarela.besos.conchi.

  12. Stunning painting - could easily pass for oil! xx

  13. Bellísimo! me encanta el pájaro y los preciosos colores.

  14. Love these last three posts . . . always love the freedom in your work and really love the animation in this bird . . . delightful!

  15. Hola Conchi grazie per il tuo gentilissimo commento.

    Grazie del tuo commento Zazou-Isa.

    Thanks a lot Pat. xx

    Carmen grazie sei molto carina. Abbraccio

    Lorraine I really appreciate your comment. Thanks a lot.

  16. Molto corposo, certamente non un acquerello volatile. Molto inciso e ben eseguito. ciaoooo


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